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Introducing BlueFit Swimming

Are you seeking a fun activity for your children, or a way to boost your own fitness and confidence in the water? Well, good news! BlueFit Swimming is now at the Sunshine Coast Active pools, offering a range of swimming lessons to people of all ages and abilities!

About BlueFit Swimming:

BlueFit Swimming is a comprehensive aquatic education program that focuses on building water confidence, safety and basic swimming skills in participants of all ages, starting from as young as six months old. The program places a strong emphasis on improving water safety and building confidence around water for children and adults alike.

BlueFit Swimming operates within both large community leisure centres, and boutique dedicated swims schools. We have vast experience delivering our popular and successful program, currently teaching around 30,000 students in five Australian states. You can find out more about our program here

For any further information about the BlueFit Swimming program at your preferred facility, please speak with one of our friendly team members at reception.

Introducing Bluey The Whale:

Here at BlueFit Swimming we have a very friendly mascot, Bluey. Some of you may have already spotted Bluey around, he is a very friendly and blue whale.

To properly introduce our mascot, we thought we’d include a very special message from Bluey himself:

“Hi friends, my name is Bluey! I work here at BlueFit Swimming, my job is to help keep a friendly face around the pool. To help you get to know me, I thought I’d quickly list a few things that you should know about me:

  1. I like long swims at the beach (I’m not a huge fan of walks).
  2. I love to make a splash!
  3. I’m well known for going on long adventures. I love to explore new places and meet new people…maybe we’ll get to meet sometime soon?
  4. When I’m not working you’ll often find me hanging out with all of my BlueFit Swimming friends.

Well friends, now you know all about me. One final thing, I just wanted to let you know that I really do look forward to making a splash with you soon!

…Until then, remember to swim safe!”

Interested in enrolling into the BlueFit Swimming program? Click here to fill out an online enrolment form.

To find out more about BlueFit Swimming, click here, or you can simply view our FAQs on the BlueFit Swimming website

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