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The Unbreakable Thumb: Nikita Taylor's Dishwashing Adventure

Meet Nikita, one of our friendly swim teachers, a firm favourite in the pool, and an occasional superhero to her students!

You may have wondered why she’s been avoiding the pool lately?! Nikita was recently washing dishes when her thumb finished second best to a knife. After two hospital visits, it was clear that surgery was the only path to recovery for Nikita's tendon.

Fast forward to today—she's not only conquered the surgery, but she's also rocking a cool splint and a doctor's clearance like a true champion. Nikita's positive attitude and dedication to our facility and programs shines brightly, and we're thrilled to have her return to work.

While Nikita's Learn to Swim teaching is on hold we have been able to utilise Nikita more in her other role- Duty Manager. One pool test at a time, you will find Nikita with a smile on her face and giving each day her best. If you usually have lessons with Nikita, please say hello when you see her around the facility, we’re sure she’ll be back in the pool before you know it!

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